Concern for the environment has changed the way we approach many things – from our partnerships to our procedures. We are also recognizing its influence over the way our clients make decisions. At Malvern, it is our goal to provide choice and to help our customers make sound decisions while we continuously seek improvement in our own internal practices.

We work with manufacturers and suppliers that have active environmental policies and those that are creating products in an environmentally sensitive manner. We seek out products with longevity and help our clients select the products that will perform the best, and the longest, in their situation. The best way to reduce is to keep using it.

Cleaning goes a long way to maintaining flooring and extending its life. But not all methods are created equal. To help our client’s keep their floors looking good for a very long time we offer one of the most effective and environmentally sound maintenance programs on the market today. Minimal energy is used, even smaller amounts of water, and no chemicals, as all the cleaning compounds are biodegradable.

We have partnered with carpet recyclers for when you are ready to get rid of it and work with mills that are members of CCRE (Carpet Canada Recovery Effort) and CARE (Carpet America Recovery Effort).