Specification Consultation and Creation

Every sales person in the world is able to discuss the features and benefits of the particular product they are promoting. And most of it will be valuable information. So when it comes to flooring decisions, how do you make sense of it all? How do you determine which features are the ones you really need for your facility or that of your client? Malvern Contract Interiors is suggesting you look to science to find the answer.

And to help walk you through the process is Malvern’s Specification Engineering team. With a deep knowledge in carpet performance and expertise in hard surfaces this service offering from Malvern is designed to help designers, architects, facility managers and property owners make informed decisions about their flooring selections based on test data and scientific evidence.

Making the right flooring decision means the difference between costly maintenance and early replacement. We want to ensure your facility is easily maintained and has durability that will exceed expectations. After understanding the conditions of an environment Malvern will determine which test results match the specific criteria and draft technical specifications with the flooring materials best suited to meet these requirements.

With over 40 years of experience, Malvern has built a reputation for high quality installations and service. Anticipating our client’s needs and identifying the unique characteristics of each project have made us a highly respected name in the industry. We are here to help.